Opthalmology Urgent Care

Consult timely provides peace of mind. Many times it prevents the loss of vision or the deterioration of the eyes.

There are eye conditions that can cause profound and irreversible visual loss, and potentially, blindness.

Timely treatment improves your chances of conserving your vision and avoiding irreversible complications.

When in doubt, specialized ophthalmology care should be sought. If you wish to schedule your appointment you can call the phone number - + 57 317-770-0000, or send us a message by CLICKING HERE.


In Cases of Emergency

An eye emergency exists when vision loss or permanent damage to the eye is imminent. If there is a life threatening condition, 112 should be called in Colombia, or the patient should immediately go to the nearest hospital emergency room.


Signs and symptoms of an eye emergency which should be evaluated promptly include:


  • Sudden loss or distortion of vision
  • Sudden development of double vision
  • Onset of flashing lights or floaters
  • Any ocular trauma that causes persistent redness and pain, loss of vision or involves a chemical exposure


Conditions Requiring Evaluation within a Day or Two


  • Redness and/or discharge of the eyes
  • Blisters or lumps on the eyes
  • Pain in the eyes
  • Headaches
  • Foreign body sensation


Medical attention should be sought immediately since time is of the essence to preserve vision after an eye injury. Injuries to the eye can result in significant permanent visual damage. More than 100,000 eye injuries occur annually and the majority of these accidents occur in younger people. Sports and recreational activities are the most common setting for eye injuries. Hazardous situations also exist at home, work or school.


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